About the Lab

The Laboratory of Integrative Human Physiology (LIHP) is a teaching and research laboratory located in Mariucci Arena on the University of Minnesota campus.

The overall goal of LIHP is to gain a better understanding of the effect of various diseases (e.g., obesity, cancer, metabolic syndrome, etc.) on vascular as well as cardiac systems in an integrative approach as well as to develop a better understanding of how to treat the effect of these diseases on the cardiovascular system.

In addition, to its own goals the LIHP serves as a resource to other investigators at the University of Minnesota to assist them in their research objectives involving the measurement of vascular and cardiovascular structure and function. Because of this unique mission the LIHP collaborates with a number of researchers at the University of Minnesota in various departments such as Pediatrics, Epidemiology, Preventive Cardiology, Oncology, as well as researchers in the University of Minnesota General Clinic Research Center, St. Paul Heart Clinic and the Department of Veterans Affairs.