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Graphic Athlete

Dexalytics is based on over 30 years of university research working with DXA. Our body composition research spans from high school to professional athletes and extends to infants, the elderly and everything in between. We have published normative body composition data, using DXA, in both professional and collegiate football players with samples of over 350 individual athletes. Our group is part of the Consortium for College Athlete Research (C-CAR) that pools DXA data from five universities from Power Five Conferences with the goal of publishing normative DXA data for a variety of university sports. 

First and foremost, we believe that the accuracy and reliability of the data is critical, in particular in elite sport.  Secondly, we strive to move body composition beyond totals measures. Traditional metrics of percentage of body fat, total lean mass (or fat-free mass in 2- component methods) and total fat mass don’t tell the complete picture for athletes. The distribution of fat and lean mass as well as the ratios of distribution are critical for how athletes move their body through space. Truly understanding what your body is, will be critical in identifying what your body can do.